Conservation areas

Verges at Mockbeggar

Verge protection

The grass verges of the Western Escarpment Conservation Area make a significant contribution to the character of this part of the National Park.

Many are designated as protected Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), are home to a number of rare wildlife species, and provide important grazing areas for commoners’ animals.

Sadly extensive areas of grass verge in the area have become badly damaged by parking, vehicles driving over them and materials being stored.

Verges at Gorley Green
Verges at Gorley Green

The Western Escarpment Conservation Area Steering Group – made up of representatives of local town and parish councils in the area – is working with us, the Forestry Commission and others to protect them.

Measures include:

  • physical works to protect verges
  • using planning conditions when building work is permitted
  • raising awareness.

Highwood lane verges

The Steering Group has produced this information leaflet: Verges within the Western Escarpment Conservation Area. Printed copies are available from local Town and Parish Councils in the area.

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