Tree guidance and policy

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Guidance, advice and information

Guidance, advice and information can be obtained from many sources including the Planning Portal and Arboricultural Association as well as our information leaflets which can be accessed directly from this webpage.

Our Interactive Tree Map can be used to obtain information about whether a tree or group of trees are protected because they are situated in a Conservation Area or subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

In terms of development proposals in the National Park our Core Strategy contains policies in order to protect trees from inappropriate development. The most relevant policies are:

Policy DP1 – General Development Principles
Policy CP1 – Nature Conservation Sites of International Importance
Policy CP2 – The Natural Environment.

Concern about unauthorised works to protected trees

If you are concerned about works to trees you can verify whether they are protected via our Interactive Tree Map. If you believe the works to be unauthorised you can contact the Tree Team on the number below or 01590 646600. Please make a note of the details of any persons or vehicles that you believe are connected with the works and/or photograph what is taking place.

Pre-application advice

Our Tree Hotline is a free service available between the hours of 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday.

We also provide a formal tree works pre-application advice service, for a fee of £45. Please note that we do not undertake full tree assessments to ascertain the current health or conditions of trees as such services are routinely available from local tree contractors.

We aim to acknowledge pre-application enquiries within three working days of receipt. An acknowledgement letter will advise the name and contact details of the Tree Officer dealing with the enquiry, a response date and reference number. If you need to contact us, please quote the reference number.

The Tree Officer will arrange to visit or write to confirm the advice within 15 working days of receiving your enquiry. All advice will be based on an objective assessment of the information provided, but will be given without prejudice to any final decision we might take in the matter.

When submitting your pre-application enquiry, where possible, the following supporting documentation should be provided:

  • Address and site location plan
  • Photographs
  • Explanation of the works and reasons for the works
  • Any other supporting documentation you believe may assist.

Please contact us:

The New Forest Tree Team
New Forest National Park Authority
Lymington Town Hall
Avenue Road
SO41 9ZG

Tel: 01590 646620 (9am - 1pm)


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