Tree work applications

Reflections of beech leaves in river at Ivy wood

Tree work applications in the New Forest

With a few exceptions, it is an offence to prune or fell Tree Preservation Order or Conservation Area protected trees without first notifying or seeking consent from the New Forest National Park Authority. Application forms and information about Tree Preservation Orders and tree works can be obtained here.

Where local people might be affected by an application or where there is likely to be a good deal of public interest, we will provide the owner with a site notice to display at or near their land and we will also notify neighbouring properties, with a postal address, that have a contiguous boundary alongside the application tree/s by letter.

In addition, where a neighbour submits an application, we will endeavour to ensure the owner or occupier of the land on which the tree stands is informed and given a chance to comment. In practice this means we will notify all such neighbouring properties of applications consisting of works to three or more trees or works that involve felling.


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