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How do we take formal action?

  • We begin by preparing formal Notices in consultation with our solicitor
  • We serve the Notices on all parties with an interest in the land
  • The Notice will specify the steps that need to be undertaken within an appropriate timescale
  • In the case of unauthorised works to listed buildings and/or to protected trees, we can proceed to instigate immediately prosecution proceedings without having to first serve an Enforcement Notice (as such unauthorised works are unlawful and therefore potentially constitute a criminal offence).
  1. Enforcement
  2. What is a breach of planning control?
  3. Enforcement procedures
  4. How to report a breach of planning control
  5. What do we do next?
  6. How do we take formal action? (you are here)
  7. What happens after Enforcement Notices are served?
  8. Government guidance
  9. Enforcement powers
  10. Why can enforcement action take so long?
  11. Complaints about the enforcement service
  12. How we will use your information


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