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What do we do next?

  • Investigate the details of the complaint
  • Establish whether a breach of planning control has taken place
  • Try to negotiate a solution with the 'offender' if the development/use can be stopped or if there is a possibility that planning permission might be granted
  • Where there is insufficient evidence or no breach is found, advise the complainant that no action is proposed
  • Where a breach has occurred, we will gather evidence as necessary to be satisfied that formal action is justified
  • Consider the expediency of taking formal enforcement action having regard to Government policy and our Core Strategy policies as well as all other material considerations.
  1. Enforcement
  2. What is a breach of planning control?
  3. Enforcement procedures
  4. How to report a breach of planning control
  5. What do we do next? (you are here)
  6. How do we take formal action?
  7. What happens after Enforcement Notices are served?
  8. Government guidance
  9. Enforcement powers
  10. Why can enforcement action take so long?
  11. Complaints about the enforcement service
  12. How we will use your information


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