Enforcement procedures

  • We will investigate all complaints about breaches of planning and listed building control.
  • Complaints are logged and where applicable acknowledged by letter within three working days. The acknowledgement letter provides the complainant with the name of the investigating officer and a contact telephone number
  • High priority will be assigned to cases involving unauthorised works to protected trees and listed buildings, which may result in immediate enforcement action being taken
  • All complaints will be treated in confidence. The identity of the complainant will not usually be revealed unless consent is given to do so
  • Anonymous complaints may receive a lower priority as we will be unable to contact the complainant for further information which may be needed to assist our enquiries
  • We aim to advise all complainants of the outcome of our investigations and any action we propose to take to remedy the breach
  • We will work together with our external partners to ensure that joint investigations are undertaken where it is known that a suspected breach may involve other regulatory agencies
  • We will pass on complaints which fall within the province of other agencies to the relevant department
  • We will liaise with the local authority building control department in monitoring new developments and checking compliance with planning conditions imposed on planning permissions.
  1. Enforcement
  2. What is a breach of planning control?
  3. Enforcement procedures (you are here)
  4. How to report a breach of planning control
  5. What do we do next?
  6. How do we take formal action?
  7. What happens after Enforcement Notices are served?
  8. Government guidance
  9. Enforcement powers
  10. Why can enforcement action take so long?
  11. Complaints about the enforcement service
  12. How we will use your information


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