How we will use your information

We will only use this information to investigate potential breaches of planning legislation and to take enforcement action against non-compliance, where necessary. 

We will use your contact details to inform you of progress made or any actions taken.  Your information will be held securely and will only be accessible to our Enforcement Team to enable us to carry out their statutory duties.

Your information will not be supplied to anyone outside the organisation without first obtaining your consent, unless we are obliged or permitted by law to disclose it.

Here are more details on our privacy policy.

  1. Enforcement
  2. What is a breach of planning control?
  3. Enforcement procedures
  4. How to report a breach of planning control
  5. What do we do next?
  6. How do we take formal action?
  7. What happens after Enforcement Notices are served?
  8. Government guidance
  9. Enforcement powers
  10. Why can enforcement action take so long?
  11. Complaints about the enforcement service
  12. How we will use your information (you are here)


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