Why can enforcement action take so long?

Many of the reasons are already explained on these webpages but it still can be frustrating to complainants that despite contacting us, the activity which is causing concern still persists. Some of the factors which can result in apparently slow progress include:

  • Gathering satisfactory robust evidence
  • Continuing negotiation to try to resolve the matter with the offender without pursing formal action
  • Consideration of an application seeking to remedy the matter
  • Awaiting determination of an appeal against formal Notices.
  1. Enforcement
  2. What is a breach of planning control?
  3. Enforcement procedures
  4. How to report a breach of planning control
  5. What do we do next?
  6. How do we take formal action?
  7. What happens after Enforcement Notices are served?
  8. Government guidance
  9. Enforcement powers
  10. Why can enforcement action take so long? (you are here)
  11. Complaints about the enforcement service
  12. How we will use your information


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