Call for brownfield sites

The Boltons at Lyndhurst

Between February and April 2017 we issued a ‘call for brownfield sites’ to support our ongoing work on:

  • the preparation of the New Forest National Park Local Plan Review 2016-2036
  • the preparation of a future ‘Brownfield Register’ which the Government will introduce as a requirement on local planning authorities.

The period for site submissions has now closed and the sites submitted will be assessed as part of the Local Plan Review process and the preparation of a 'Brownfield Register' for the National Park which will be published by the end of December 2017. 

Definition of brownfield sites / previously developed land

Through Annex 2 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF, 2012), the Government defines brownfield sites (or previously developed land) as land which has already been built on and either currently contains buildings/structures, or has done so in the recent past.

Brownfield sites do not include:

  • land occupied by agricultural or forestry buildings
  • certain minerals and waste disposal sites where restoration plans are in place
  • land in built-up areas such as private residential gardens, parks, recreation grounds and allotments
  • land where the previous development have blended into the landscape.

Please contact the Policy Team on 01590 646600 or if you wish to discuss the call for brownfield sites.


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