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Planning Committee

We took over the planning function on 1 April 2006 and delegated this responsibility to our Planning Committee. We operate a scheme of delegation where all applications may be determined by the Director of Strategy and Planning subject to certain exceptions. However certain categories of applications will be referred to the committee for determination. These include:

  • applications referred by Members
  • applications where the Parish Council has expressed a view contrary to the planning officer
  • applications which are contrary to our approved policies which are recommended for approval.

Agendas are available at least five working days before the meeting. The meetings are open to the press and public. People who wish to speak on individual items must register at least two working days before the date of the meeting. Find out more about public speaking at our meetings.

Each application referred to the Planning Committee will have a detailed report prepared by the planning officer which will include an assessment of the proposal, comments of consultees and any representations. Photographs and plans are available to assist Members in their considerations.

The committee can approve, refuse or in exceptional cases defer an application for further information. Decision notices will be issued within two working days of the committee meeting. Some applications may require a legal agreement or unilateral undertaking which cannot be entered into until a resolution to permit is taken. In such cases the Authority will discuss the requirements of a legal agreement before the application is referred to the committee.

The Planning Committee is made up of  seven Local Authority appointed Members and six Secretary of State appointed Members.

You can contact the Planning Committee Members by email.

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