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National Park Management Plan

What is the National Park Management Plan?

The New Forest National Park Management Plan was first published in 2010.  It is a plan for the Park as a whole rather than for the National Park Authority or any particular organisation.  Its vision and objectives are designed to guide the long-term management of the National Park and to deliver the two statutory national park purposes and duty. 

The Plan contains ten wide-ranging topics, from enhancing landscapes and habitats and conserving local distinctiveness, to supporting local communities and improving traffic and transport. 

The Management Plan update

During 2015 the Plan was updated, keeping the same policies, but including new actions for the period 2015-20.  The update also gives examples of projects recently completed and describes some of the new issues that have affected the National Park over the last five years.

Who has produced the update?

The update was produced as a joint document by all the main organisations with interests and responsibilities in the National Park.  They helped to produce the text and contributed many of the actions.  

The Plan also includes further actions which have been suggested, and will be taken forward, by a range of other local organisations.

Public consultation

People were asked to comment on both an initial draft and a revised draft of the updated Plan during 2014 and 2015. This involved contacting about 300 organisations, discussions with local interest groups and parish councils, public drop-in events, press releases and posters on public noticeboards.

A total of more than 100 responses were received, many of which resulted in amendments to the document. More details are included in the Consultation Statement.

Formal endorsement and publication 

The Management Plan update was approved by the National Park Authority in July 2015 as a text document which can be viewed here.

All the main partner organisations will be asked to formally endorse the Plan during July, August and September 2015, following which the final document will be designed and published on the website. 

Contact us

For more information about the National Park Management Plan update please email or phone 01590 646679.


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