Management plan

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Management plan 2010 - 2015

The New Forest National Park Management Plan contains a broad strategic and aspirational approach designed to guide the long-term management of the National Park.

It is aimed at all those with responsibilities or influence over the area and can only be taken forward by partnership working.

It covers 10 different topics relevant to the conservation of the New Forest, the understanding and enjoyment of its special qualities and the well-being of its communities. They range from enhancing landscapes and habitats and conserving local distinctiveness, to supporting local communities and improving traffic and transport.

The plan was agreed in 2010 following extensive public consultation and the direct involvement of many Forest organisations, communities and individuals. They all played a large part in creating the plan in its final form.

Updating the Management Plan for 2015-20

The scope of the update

All management plans have to be looked at every five years to make sure they are still up-to-date. Through talking to local organisations it was decided that any update should be a fairly short and focused document and should not attempt to re-write the current Management Plan.  The long-term vision, objectives and text of the original plan were produced only a few years ago and are still relevant. However the actions it contains were for 2010-15 and so do now need updating.

Work is therefore underway to provide a supplement to the existing plan, focusing largely on proposed actions for the National Park for 2015-20, contributed by a range of different organisations. The update will also include short chapters illustrating some of the projects completed over the last few years and any major changes or issues that have arisen since 2010.

Who is helping to produce it

The update is being produced jointly by many of the larger statutory organisations with responsibilities in the area. 

They include the Forestry Commission, New Forest District Council, Hampshire County Council, Wiltshire Council, National Park Authority, Natural England, Environment Agency and Test Valley Borough Council.  They have all suggested ideas for the text of the draft and have proposed actions which they can take forward.

In addition a number of other Forest organisations have contributed to the actions, and it is hoped that during the consultation further communities, local groups and individuals will all suggest work they are planning, for inclusion in the final draft.

The aim is therefore to create a partnership document, showing how different people working together can bring about important benefits for the New Forest and its special qualities.  

How you can get involved

An initial draft ‘call for views’ is still being finalised and is currently being ‘tested’ by a few local organisations to make sure the update is helpful and the overall approach makes sense.

There will then be plenty of opportunity for people to make comments during an extensive period of both informal and formal consultation, beginning in mid-October 2014. 

The consultation will be widely advertised and will include website information, social media and press coverage, drop-in sessions in locations around the National Park and individual meetings with local organisations.

More information about the Management Plan update and the consultation will be posted here nearer the time.

Proposed consultation timetable

'Call for views’ on initial draft

Informal public consultation and discussion with local organisations

mid-October to

mid-December 2014

Revisions to the update

Amendments and re-drafting following the ‘Call for views’

January 2015

Public consultation

Six week formal consultation on the revised draft

 February to mid-March 2015

Final revisions to the update

and endorsement by partner organisations

 April to June 2015

 For more information email


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