Business plan

Yew after the rain,  East Boldre

Business plan 2015 - 2018

The Business plan for 2015 - 2018 describes the main work of the National Park Authority planned over the next three years, and is linked closely to the updated actions in the National Park Management Plan (2015 - 2020). It gives particular emphasis to two key themes: working closely with local communities within the Park and delivering ‘on the ground’ projects with partner organisations.

The Plan is structured around the three central programmes of Protect, Enjoy and Prosper, which encompass the overall aims of the Authority and clearly reflect the Park’s statutory purposes and duty.

Within each of the programmes there are a number of work priorities, covering topics felt to be critical for the National Park in the short to medium term. These have been drawn from the updated Management Plan and developed through detailed discussions with staff, members, partner organisations and other contacts with the public and interest groups. In addition we will continue to deliver and improve the core services that form a large part of our work, always aiming to provide the highest level of service.

An annual operational plan has also been produced to show in more detail the specific activities to be undertaken for each of the priorities during the current year. This will be updated at the end of the year and any new projects or actions that have been developed will be added at that time.


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