Unreasonable complaints

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Vexatious or persistent complaints

The New Forest National Park Authority aims to deal fairly, honestly and properly with complainants whilst ensuring that other service users and officers of the New Forest National Park Authority do not suffer any detriment from a person making repeated and persistent unreasonable complaints or behaving in a threatening or difficult way, whilst recognising the rights of complainants under the Human Rights Act 1998.

In these circumstances the officer dealing with the complaint (the complaint handler) will discuss the matter with the Complaints Officer. These officers will decide, in consultation with the Chief Executive and/or Monitoring Officer, whether to designate the complainant as vexatious or unreasonably persistent and, if so act in accordance with the New Forest National Park Authority's procedures for dealing with complaints of this nature. This decision will not be taken lightly and the New Forest National Park Authority must be satisfied that the proposed action is proportionate and necessary.

What is a vexatious or persistent complaint?
Unreasonable behaviour may sometimes arise when complainants hinder the consideration of their own or other people's complaints, because of the frequency of their contact with the New Forest National Park Authority. Sometimes the situation between the New Forest National Park Authority and a complainant can escalate and the complainant's behaviour moves from being unreasonably persistent to behaviour which is unacceptable, for example, abusive, offensive or threatening.


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