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Why complain?

We aim to deliver high quality and efficient services. We are always trying to do better, and we welcome your feedback. It is important because it helps us build on strengths and learn from mistakes. If things go wrong we want to rectify the problem as fairly and quickly as possible. When things go well, we appreciate compliments and suggestions.

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction by any one or more members of the public about the New Forest National Park Authority's action or lack of action or about the standard of service. This applies whether the action was taken or the service was provided by the New Forest National Park Authority itself or a person or body acting on behalf of the New Forest National Park Authority.

Our complaints procedure is not a review or an appeal procedure for you to challenge the merits of decisions. Neither is it a way to ask for a review of a decision which goes against you.

Your comments and suggestions let us know if we have gone wrong, or can improve our service. They also help us to monitor any improvements we make.

It assists us to deal with your complaints or comments if you contact us within four weeks of the relevant incident, if possible.

What if I have an objection to a decision made by the New Forest National Park Authority?

Objections to the merits of decisions that the New Forest National Park Authority has made, including those on planning matters will not be dealt with under the complaints procedure described. However, if you feel that the procedure or process followed in reaching a decision was incorrect or unfair you may wish to lodge a complaint on this basis.

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Complaints Process

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