Disability and equality

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Vision and aims

The Authority’s vision for the Strategy is to :

Challenge, inspire, support, champion, share knowledge and experience to ensure equality for anyone accessing our services including our own staff.

We recognise that as an Authority we have a substantial amount of work to do to meet our statutory obligations and we will go beyond the minimum requirements. We want consideration of diversity and equality issues to become a way of life in the organisation.

Through developing and implementing the Strategy the Authority aims to :

  • achieve a better understanding of what the public want and need from the way we deliver our services
  • improve customer satisfaction with fewer complaints about diversity and equality issues
  • improve our recruitment processes to ensure opportunities are available to all
  • ensure flexible working is available to as many staff as possible
  • ensure equal pay for jobs of equal value
  • maximise the development and use of the talents of our staff.
  1. Equality and diversity
  2. Our strategy
  3. Employee data
  4. Equality objectives
  5. Focus
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