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Our members

Members of the New Forest National Park Authority, whatever their backgrounds, are expected to act in the interests of the National Park as a whole and to take forward the two purposes for which the Park has been designated, reflecting both local and national perspectives.

The New Forest National Park Authority has 22 members - our Chairman is Oliver Crosthwaite-Eyre and Deputy Chairman is Edward Heron. There are:

  • 12 appointed by the county, district, and borough councils with land within the National Park. They provide local knowledge and expertise, without representing only their own local authority. Five come from Hampshire County Council, four from New Forest District Council, one from Test Valley Borough Council and two from Wiltshire County Council.
  • six appointed by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. They bring key skills, knowledge and experience relevant to the work of the Authority, with a particular interest in the New Forest and a wider national viewpoint. There is currently one Secretary of State vacancy on the Authority.
  • four selected by Parish Councils, appointed to represent the wider National Park view, not just the interest of their own parish. They ensure the truly local concerns of those who live or work in the New Forest are represented.

The members are the people with overall responsibility for making decisions. They are responsible for setting policies and priorities, ensuring efficient and effective use of resources and that money is well spent. It is their job to represent the interests of the National Park and to balance out any conflicting pressures. Members must adhere to the Code of Conduct and the two local protocols:

  • protocol for member and officer relations 
  • local protocol for members and officers dealing with planning matters 

An alleged breach of either of the above protocol will be dealt with under

  • procedures for a breach of a protocol 

Members typically spend two to three days a month on formal National Park business including committees, panels and working groups. They will spend time too representing the Park Authority at other events such as workshops, seminars, launches and presentations by the Authority and partner organisations.

Members of the Authority are paid allowances in accordance with the Authority's Scheme of Allowances.

If you have any issues or queries you can email all Members of the Authority.

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