Green Open Doors

green open doors

Green Open Doors is a great way for people to find out more about enviromentally friendly technologies being used in homes around the New Forest.

This biennial event sees property owners open their homes to the public over a weekend to share knowledge and experience of renewable technologies and energy saving measure such as solar, heat pumps, woodburners, lighting, and insulation.

Green Open Doors will return in autumn 2016 - to participate contact us on the email address below.

The Green Open Doors event is run by the New Forest National Park Authority in partnership with the New Forest Transition.

If you have any queries please email

  1. Green Open Doors (you are here)
  2. Video tours
  3. Avon Tyrrell
  4. Cowley Road
  5. Ipley Manor
  6. Efford Mill
  7. Wynford
  8. Brackenhurst
  9. Woodcutters
  10. Ferny Crofts
  11. Willow Avenue
  12. Seymour Road
  13. Woodruff Cottage
  14. Downton Green Energy Day


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