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Please use this form to notify us of a suspected planning enforcement issue, such as building works that are taking place without the necessary planning permission, approved plans or conditions not being adhered to or an unauthorised use of land. It is advisable that before completing this form you review our website to establish whether planning permission has already been granted or whether the works might be permitted development.

When a breach of planning control is identified we will usually enter into negotiation with the person responsible in an effort to rectify the situation. This may include submitting a retrospective planning application to retain the development or provide time for the development to be removed or for the use to cease. It does not automatically follow that every breach of planning control will result in formal enforcement action. All information submitted, including your details, will remain confidential but in some cases we may ask you to make a statement or be a witness at a Planning Inquiry or at Court if there is contradicting evidence of when a development or use first started.

Investigations can take time in order to obtain satisfactory evidence but the Enforcement Officer will endeavour to update you of any relevant progress and notify you of our decision. It may be necessary for an Enforcement Officer to correspond with you before undertaking an investigation to clarify certain details and therefore please provide as much information as possible in the form. Your name and contact details must be entered into this form as otherwise we may not be able to investigate the matter. The Authority may also not investigate a complaint if we consider it to be of a malicious nature and therefore please assist us by providing details of the planning harm and effect the suspected breach is causing.

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