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What is the New Forest National Park Authority's job?


The National Park Authority is the body with overall responsibility for ensuring that the National Park is safeguarded for people to enjoy now and in the future.  It does this by:

  • Producing policy - including a National Park Plan which sets out the long-term vision for protecting things that make the National Park special and for making sure that people can continue to understand and enjoy them. The Plan describes what the National Park Authority can do itself and how it hopes others will help
  • Planning - being the local planning authority within the National Park area with responsibility for matters such as planning policy, planning applications and tree preservation orders.
  • Funding and grants - using around £4m a year from central Government to deliver National Park purposes including a Sustainable Development Fund with £200,000 a year to encourage innovative projects
  • Delivering projects in the Forest - working with partners on conservation, recreation and information and leading on major initiatives
  • Championing the Forest - listening to the diverse views in the New Forest, advising policy-makers and representing the National Park locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


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