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Tales from the Trees

Nfnpa arts fest 2017 for events

Date: 17 June 2017

Location: New Milton Recreation Ground

Time: 15:30

Cost: £6

A family fun show with Ranger Craig as he tries to save the day!

Craig is our friendly Forest Ranger. It’s his job to make sure the woods are a peaceful and happy place, but he’s having a tough time of it today! A cheeky squirrel has stolen his Chocolate Covered Nutty Snack Bar™, his niece Little Red has wandered off, the old Wizard of the Woods is playing tricks again, and there are even rumours of a big bad Wolf in the Forest!

Will Craig save the day? Come and find out, and along the way learn how to identify different trees, discover the wonder of photosynthesis, gasp at deadly carnivorous plants, and encounter crazy characters from folklore and fairy tales!

Perfect for children aged 5+ and their families.

Location: New Milton Recreation Ground as part of the New Milton Festival

Cost: £6

This event is part of the New Forest Arts Festival 2017.

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