A plain 1920s bungalow replaced

1920s, bungalow, design
1920s bungalow new top

Before (left) and after (right).

A slightly larger dwelling with outbuilding strengthens the rural lane.

Design: David Cutler Associates. Photos: Chris Balcombe.

1920s bungalow

Scale reduced through the setting down of the house and a split into main and ancillary elements

1920S bungalow

Modest depth and roof spans keep proportions traditional.

1902S bungalow x 34 zoom

A plain plum and orange brick mix defines the dwelling whilst the garaging is rustic timber frame and cladding

1902S bungalow x 42

Arched window heads, balanced casements, open eaves, a weathered effect roof and a modest sized porch help add quality and mellowness to the design.

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